Each section has it's own uniform:

Section Uniform
Beavers Turquoise crew neck sweatshirt Navy blue activity trousers
Cubs Dark green crew neck sweatshirt
Scouts Teal green long-sleeved shirt or blouse

These items are available from a range of stockists including
We also have a small supply of Nearly New Items in exchange for a small donation. Donations of nearly new items are always welcome.

The group provides the following items free of charge to all new members when they join the group. Replacement costs for lost or damaged items are shown next to each item.
  • Group neckerchief (Brown with Gold trim) £4
  • Plastic Woggle (Beavers/Cubs) 20p
  • Leather Woggle (Scouts) £1
  • Membership Badges £2.00 for full set
    • Purple World Membership Badge
    • West Lancashire Scout County Badge
    • Preston & District Scouts Badge
    • 7th Fulwood (St. Anthonys) name-tape
The neckerchief and membership badges transfer with you from Beavers through to Cubs and Scouts.


All badges attained by members are also presented free of charge (replacement badges cost between 50p and £1).