How do I set-up a standing order payment?

There are several ways you can set-up a standing order payment:
  • Directly with your bank or building society using online or phone banking 
  • By completing a standing order mandate and returning it to your bank/building society in person or by post (just the top half, return the gift aid form to the group)
  • Alternatively you can return the mandate to us and we will send it off for you
You will need the following info:
  • Our account number and sort code : 20-69-85 13411923
  • The payment date and frequency - 25th of every month (Starting from 25/09/2013)
  • Your unique membership reference (This will be emailed or sent by text message to you separately, it is also available from your section leader or by phoning us 01772 978150)
  • Your own bank account number (which can be found on your cheques)

How much do I pay?

The group charges £75 per child per year (equivalent to £25 per school term).  This is split into 12 monthly payments of £6.25 which relate to the following school terms:
  • Autumn - Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
  • Spring - Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr
  • Summer - May, Jun, Jul, Aug
Note that this means you still pay in August even though we don't have any section meetings.   

What happens if I have more than one child in the group?

There are two options for payments:
  1. Set up an individual standing order for each child using their unique membership number
  2. Set up a single standing order for the combined amount using any of your children's membership references.
Note that if you opt for combined payments you may need to change this amount over time as your children join or leave the group.

What happens if my child would like to leave?

We're sorry they would like to leave.  We'd like to hear from you to see if there is anything we can do to help.  Letting us know you're leaving also enables us to offer the place to someone else.  You can stop your subs standing order payment at any time by contacting your bank or building society.

I'm worried about giving you my bank details...

There's no need to provide us with any of your bank details, you can deal directly with your bank, without us having this information.  Any forms returned to us will be held securely until they are passed to your bank.  The information on these forms is the same as the information printed on your cheques.

Where can I find my child's member reference?

This will be emailed and or sent by SMS text message to you individually as it is unique for each child.  It is also available from your child's section leader or by phoning 01772 734850.

How is this different from a direct debit?

With a direct debit the company you are paying arranges to collect money from your account.  This is controlled by the company you are paying who can change the amount and payment dates according to the agreement you have with them.  A standing order is an agreement between you and your bank to pay the scout group.  We have no control of the amounts or dates of payment and don't need to have any of your bank details.