District Commissioner Role

Posted by Andrew Hobson Sunday, 29 September 2013
Our District Commissioner, Judith Jamieson, has informed the County Commissioner that she would like to retire in December after 10 years in the role.

Judith's commitment, enthusiasm and dedication have combined to ensure Preston has become a stronger district over the last decade.  The district is happy, has thrived and has a solid platform for her successor to build on.

With this in mind the process of finding a successor needs to begin.  The procedure has changed over the years and it is now a much more open process. The County Commissioner, Carl Hankinson, has asked the District Chairman to assist him by leading a small search group to identify and submit to their recommendations for consideration as a successor.

Carl has asked the help of everyone, involved in and associated with Scouting to contribute to the search by submitting a nomination (or nominations) of persons whom you feel should be considered for this important voluntary appointment.

More details can be found in this letter from Carl Hankinson, County Commissioner.