Changes to subs payments

Posted by Andrew Hobson Sunday, 15 September 2013
It is 5 years since we last reviewed the amount of subs.  As I informed you before the Summer break, we have decided to equalise the amounts across the sections.  The new amount will be £6.25 per child per month for all sections (£75 per year).  This means Beavers and Cubs will pay slightly more each year than they do currently, Scouts will pay slightly less.   Over a child’s life in the group this difference will balance out.  We believe this still offers excellent value compared to other youth activities.  This wouldn’t be possible without our dedicated volunteers, who give their time for free, the Gift Aid scheme and your support through fundraising.

Collecting subs continues to be a challenge for us.  It is both time-consuming and embarrassing chasing up late payers and has resulted in lost income.  Standing orders offer a quick and simple way to ensure subs are paid on time.  Unlike direct debits they are controlled by your own bank, which means you can stop the payment yourself if your child leaves the group.  We would like all parents to set-up a standing order and pay subs in this way.  If you have concerns about this please speak to the Group Scout Leader (01772 978150).
Please see our Standing Orders page for more information to help you set this up