Bear Grylls at County Rally?

Posted by Andrew Hobson Saturday, 9 March 2013

A message to all Scouts from the Assistant County Commissioner for Scouts.

To: Warren Frost, Assistant District Commissioner (Scouts), Preston & District Scouts.

Good morning Warren, I hope this e-mail finds you well,

Many thanks for your minutes, I noticed in the PL Forum notes, that the PL’s have requested to try and get Bear Gryll’s,  Chief Scout to attend County Rally 2013. What an absolutely brilliant idea, if we can get it to happen.  I can’t promise anything as I know he is filming in Australia at the end of May, but leave it with me and I will see if it’s possible, I will do my best to get him there if I can. Have they any ideas on how they would wish him to arrive ? don’t tell me an Helicopter or parachuting in like the Queen at the Olympics !!!! now that would be interesting to get an Helicopter into Waddecar again, but we have done it before !.

Could you please pass onto your Scouts this e-mail and my personal thanks for the ideas and  also that we take every comment a PL Forum makes with all seriousness and we listen to everybody, after all it is their Scout Section, hopefully, I’m not promising yet ! but we we will try to get Bear to attend County Rally 2013 and land in an Helicopter, I’ll make a few calls and get back to you.

Could you also mention that the PL Forum is their opportunity to have a voice and say in what goes on at County, District and Troop level and that we listen and do something about it, we always do.

Best Wishes, In Scouting