Annual General Meeting

Posted by Andrew Hobson Thursday, 11 October 2012
The Annual General Meeting of 7th Fulwood (St Anthony's) Scout Council will take place on Sunday 11th November at 11:30am in St Anthony's Annexe (immediately following church parade).

What's it for?
The AGM has 2 main purposes:
1) To report the group's financial standing and activities over the last year.
2) To elect an executive committee

What is the executive committee?
The exec committee is the management body of the scout group.  It is similar to the governing body of a school or a company's board of directors.  It meets 5 times a year, on a Wednesday evening, for about an hour and a half.  The executive is responsible for:

  • the maintenance of the Group’s property and equipment
  • the raising of funds and the administration of the Group’s finance
  • the insurance of persons, property and equipment
  • Group public occasions
  • assisting with the recruitment of Leaders and other adult support   

What roles are there?
As well as uniformed leaders, we need the support of parents to fill a number of roles.  Under the scout association's rules, these roles cannot be filled by uniformed leaders. This helps ensure that you, the parents, have a say in how the group is run and supports the leaders.  Elections are for a 12 month period and the following roles are available:

  • Group Chair (1) - nominated by Group Scout Leader
    • Chairs meetings and represents the group
  • Group Secretary (1)
    • Takes minutes at meetings and sends some group correspondence
  • Group Treasurer (1)
    • Manages the group accounts and financial transactions
  • Elected members (4-6)
    • represent the parents of their child's section at meetings
    • support the group as agreed at meetings
How does this affect me?
Firstly we would like you to attend the AGM.  Secondly we would like you to consider whether you or someone you know could support the scout group by taking on one of the above roles for a 12 month period.