Volunteer: New members admin

Posted by Andrew Hobson Monday, 24 September 2012

We now have a vacancy for a volunteer to help support our group.  There are more details of the role below.  If you think you can help with this, let us know.

Role: New members administrator


  • To ensure efficient and effective management of group membership enquiries

What would I have to do?

  • Receive and record membership enquiries
  • Access group membership records
  • Determine best night and section for young person
  • Contact parents to offer places and provide more information about the group
  • Contact section leaders to let them know about new starters
  • Follow up call to parents to check everything has gone ok and whether they need any more info

What support will I get?

  • Access to group records on available places
  • Initial chat/training to agree approach 
  • Information about section age ranges and the group
  • Regular discussion with Group Scout Leader to address any problems you have
  • Any minor expenses incurred will be paid 

What skills/time/equipment do I need?

  • Friendly and happy to chat to new parents
  • Admin skills
  • Simple spreadsheet record keeping
  • Access to the internet
  • Low time commitment, estimated 2 hours per month 
  • As this role involves accessing young people's details a CRB check will be required

How long is the job for?

  • Initially we will review together how things are going after 6 months;
  • then we will review things annually