Harris Cup

Posted by Andrew Hobson Saturday, 16 June 2012

The competition takes place over a week-end, starting before lunch time on the Saturday, and ending mid afternoon on the Sunday.

The competition shall judge the standards and abilities of the Scout Patrol to plan, organise, and run their own weekend camp, which should have an active and fun programme and shall include the preparation and cooking of meals.

With the leadership of the Patrol Leader, the Scout Patrol will be expected to pitch and setup their own campsite, to build and demonstrate at least three camp gadgets, to prepare and cook a three course international meal, to prepare and cook a breakfast over a wood fire, to run at least one patrol activity as well as complete some weekend challenges.

The Scout Patrol shall be self-sufficient for the weekend, bringing with them all necessary camping and activity equipment. All costs for the camp, including site camping fees and activity costs shall be covered by the attending Scout Patrol.

The competition will be held at Waddecar Scout Camp Site

Event Start: 11:00am Saturday 7th July 2012

Event Finish:  2:45pm Sunday 8th July 2012 with the Trophy Presentation

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