St George's Day Parade

Posted by Andrew Hobson Saturday, 19 March 2011
Although St George's Day itself isn't until 23rd April, our Parade this year will take place early on Sunday 10th April.

This is the one occasion of the year when all Scouts in the District parade together and:

Everyone is expected to attend

Meet on the covered market at 10:15am to parade to the Guild Hall for a religious service. During the service there will be a collection, to be split between Scouting in Preston and a charity nominated by district leaders. After the service young people will return to the market. Please make leaders aware you have collected your child.

Please ensure that your uniform is of the highest standard, with:
  • New Badges - sewn on your uniform (especially the membership badges).
  • Old Badges - removed (Preston Centenary badge and Zodiac Challenge)
  • Neckerchiefs - washed, ironed, nicely rolled, with a woggle.
  • Scout trousers
  • School shoes (no trainers)
I'm particularly keen to see everyone wearing navy blue Scout activity trousers - tracksuit bottoms, etc are not part of uniform. If you do not have a pair yet:
  • the "official" Scout brand can be purchased from Bang Bang;
  • we have a few second hand ones available (more welcome);
  • second hand ones may be available from shops or ebay
  • similar looking alternatives may be available from outdoor shops
If money is an issue, please talk to one of the section leaders in confidence as the group may be able to help through our links with the parish SVP.